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Estates & Probate

Estates & Probate

When a person has died, a search should be made to see if that person (the decedent) left a Will. A search should also be made to determine if the decedent had a safe deposit box, since the Will and other valuable papers or items may be in the safe deposit box. If a Will is discovered, it must be filed with the Clerk of Superior Court. [NCGS 28A-15-13(d)]

     (Credit to : North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, AOC-E-850, April 2016.) 


When a close family member or loved one dies, the property passes according to the wishes expressed in the Will. If there was no Will, the laws of North Carolina control the distribution to the heirs. Often there are questions, and having legal assistance is a good idea.


We can help you follow the law and administer the estate correctly during this difficult time. Our assistance can vary from an initial consultation to full administration of the estate depending on your needs. Let the Oak Ridge Law Office of Barbour and Williams guide you through the probate process.

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